If you were to name one piece of clothing that describes you, what would it be and why?

What article of clothing best describe me? A scarf. For a variety of reasons. One, I love a scarf, its part of my momma uniform for the fall and winter. Skinny jeans, boots, tank top, cardigan and a scarf to complete the look.  This is my “go to look”, its easy to put together and it’s a kid friendly outfit.

Two. I am always cold. Right about the time that the car has reached my comfortable temperature, Ben is reaching to turn the arrow from HOT to COLD because he is in danger of heat exhaustion. Wearing a scarf simply helps keep me warm. Not only cute but scarves are functional as well, who would’ve thought?!

I wanted to show y’all a complete look with a scarf, AND how awkward I am in photos. This photo does both things very well. Ben is looking on in complete amazement at what an big weirdo I am in front of the camera. 

Those are all reasons WHY I like a scarf, but HOW a scarf describes me is that like a scarf I want to be pretty and helpful. Like a scarf helps finish an outfit AND is pretty while doing it. I like that. I also like that scarves keep you warm. Like a hug. I set out a few years ago to stop giving limp hugs. You know the kind, where someone lays their arms on you, but it just feels lame and almost like you shouldn’t have bothered.

I decided that if I’m going to hug you, I’m GOING TO REALLY HUG YOU. I want people to know that with one gesture: I love you, I value you and you are important me. Too much to expect from a hug? I think that if we hugged each other more like we REALLY MEANT IT, we would spend less time wondering if we are loved because we just been hugged by people who REALLY MEAN IT.

Photography: Anna Maling


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