Dear Today Show

My 7th grade social studies teacher, Mr. Skinner, required us to watch the news and come to class with three current events along with our daily homework assignments.

Being a super star, I started watching the Today Show for my news information. (Listen, I know. There are many other reputable news sources, and channels dedicated to the news, but I liked the Today Show.)

Fast forward to being a working adult, and I would still watching the Today Show while getting ready in the morning, so I knew what was going on in the world and I could catch the weather forecast for the day. Everything was just fine.

Then, I had a baby. And I no longer could watch the Today Show. Because becoming a momma made me so soft. EVERY SEGMENT AT 7am MADE ME BUST OUT CRYING.

I can’t handle that type of high emotion that early in the morning, 5 days a week!

So, I did what was easier. I turned to twitter and social media for my news info. It’s easier to read and keep scrolling that way. No tears over a 140 character tweet.

But, now. I’m working out at our local YMCA. And I love it. And I’m there in the morning, on the eliptical for 30 minutes jamming out to my tunes, but with the tv screen above my head for distraction. And often the Today Show is on.


UNTIL TODAY. Firefighter rescues blind dog lost in the woods for 8 days

Go ahead. Watch the clip. I dare you not to shed a tear.

I watched it with no sound and closed captioning and still managed to CRY MY EYES OUT.  (While on the Elliptical, this is dangerous and it’s not a pretty sight to see a middle aged woman crying while working out.)

The line, “Before Sage was my neighbor, now she’s my friend.” Stop it. I’m dead on the floor.

And truth be told, I don’t even like animals.

Today Show, you know how to get me crying first thing in the morning. I thought I could handle you, but I was wrong. Blind dog found alive in the woods wrong.

So, Today Show, please keep on doing what you’re doing, you’re clearly a success. But know this momma loves you but just can’t handle all you dish out. Best of luck to you.


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